Artistic approach

  “Like love at first sight shatters clichés, inspiration awakens the senses and the memory of another dimension.” n.m.

Through my practice I explore the intersection between verbalized language which remains silent and the extravagance of the body which persists in discourse. For me, painting goes beyond the strictly visual experience. It aspires to the overall experience and appeals to all the senses. Hearing is a more serious problem for me, because painting itself is silent. There is therefore a need for explosion, exuberance and flamboyance which is manifested by the use of pure and luminous colors. Beyond painting, I tame collage, assembly up to installation in a notion of representation of sound. Using recycled materials, chosen for their qualities of longevity, servitude, origin, filiation and above all their emotional and symbolic charge. I let myself be inhabited, I observe, I listen to these objects. I examine their forms in order to order them into a message that corresponds most closely to what they revealed to me. I add in ink the curves of writing from which I courted the words coming from a family correspondence which appeals to me deeply. The concept highlights the mechanics of recording and decoding a message. I wonder about the process of what we remember from an exchange. This complex discipline acts like a switch on the intensity of emotions in an attempt to make the audible visible. The disturbing solitude of the unheard message pushes me to counter isolation and overcome oppression with authentic and uncompromising vitality. Art begs the question and I vigorously pursue my questioning.