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Écoutes ce que tu vois… An exhibit at Beaulne Museum (Coaticook) from January 30 to March 6, 2022

Being influenced by my roots, my thoughts are melting into a tumult where the words collide and merge before being organized into a message that corresponds most likely to what I am. The quest for truth and knowledge encourages me to confront the stories.
I court the words. I wonder about the process of what remains to us after a discussion with someone. What do we remember from a sentence, a letter, sweet words from grandma? I love stories, the ones I were told, especially those about kinship.
I will tell you about the story that is part of my heritage, the one that is mine,
the one I live with.

GSP, Géant sans pareil (2020-2021)

An initiative of the artist center Le Gueulart, this exhibition aimed to present works inspired by significant people among us, while at the same time a bronze sculpture of Georges Saint-Pierre was installed in the heart of Saint- Isidore. The Démesuré canvas was also presented at the art contest Un chemin vers l’art , organized by the Urbania art gallery and the DeSerres stores in Quebec city.

Cultural mediation at APHRSO (2019-2020)

This project was carried out as part of the 40th anniversary of Association des personnes handicapées de la Rive-Sud Ouest, in order to highlight the organization’s mission and its impact in the community in terms of inclusion and social participation for people with functional limitations. The art work created took the form of a giant puzzle evoking APHRSO’s involvement in the daily lives of its members.

Kickoff: 9 min 13 sec
Extra: 3 min 27 sec

Un peu de culture dans l’agriculture (2013-2015)

Initiated by Bistro Culturel Coeur de Village and its partners, “Un peu de culture dans l’agriculture” is a unifying project that pairs an artist with a local farmer. More than an exhibition, this project brings our family farming closer to the cultural sector which is the very essence of our identity. For this purpose Nathalie was paired with Bleuetière Ste-Marguerite.