Artistic approach

“As the thunderbolt of love shatters stereotypes, inspiration awakens the senses and the memory of another dimension.” n.m.

Through my practice I explore the intersection between the verbalized language which remains silent, and the extravagance of the body that persists speaking. In my opinion, painting goes beyond the strictly visual experience. It aims to the overall experience and appeals to all the senses. The sense of hearing is more problematic to me because the paint is silent. My personal experience makes me want to make noise in painting, and challenge the boundaries of painting by painting. Therefore, there is a need for exuberance and flamboyance which is manifested by the use of pure and bright colors. The body posture adds to the communication attempt. Silent, these images speak and scream like worn brakes. Recurring are the writings applied in black acrylic ink directly onto the raw canvas in reference to words and letters exchanged with peers. Using familiar forms, the shoe is showing occasionally; the higher it is the more provocative it becomes. The loneliness of never heard message leads me to conquer isolation and overcome oppression by genuine vitality and uncompromising truth. The art called the question and I would continue my quest.