Artistic approach

  “Like love at first sight shatters clichés, inspiration awakens the senses and the memory of another dimension.” n.m.

Inspiration takes root in the dizziness of abandonment to sleep. Ideas are grouped, classified or driven away. Like a wanderer, waiting for rest. Using forms that are familiar to me, their symbolism transcends the work. Traces of writings, of graffiti, applied in black ink, echo the writings that one speaks to oneself. And of course, there is the intention to make the brush stroke accidental.

Through my practice I explore the intersection between the use of figurative forms in an abstract representation of language that remains silent, and the extravagance of the body that relentlessly speaks. For me, painting goes beyond a strictly visual experience. It belongs to a global experience and appeals to every senses. But hearing is more problematic because painting is silent in itself. My personal experience leads me to want to make noise in painting, to challenge the limits of painting by painting. I aspire, through the theatricality of my art, to make what’s audible, visible. The disturbing loneliness of the unheard message impels me to counter isolation and overcome oppression with authentic vitality and without concessions. Art calls the question and I strongly pursue my questioning.